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Nov 24, 2013 6:00am EST
>>> temperatures in the 20s. it is bone-chilling cold outside. don't expect to warm up much today. >>> you will feel it as soon as you step outside. it's not just the temps. that wind is making it feel a lot colder than it really is. get ready to bundle up. it will be a fun ride, folks. i'm angie goff. thanks for joining us today. >>> i'm richard jordan. we are not used to these kind of cold temperatures. but our forecast team has been expecting this. and it is here. >>> lake-effect snow? pennsylvania created slick roads and contributed to a number of accidents. many roads had to actually be shut down. >>> a little snow spotted here overnight, too. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> we were chitchatting before the show and both saw conversationial snow flakes around the area last night. it's indicative of how much cold air has arrived and it's here to stay, everybody. temperatures not just into the upper 20s, but low 20s. the wind, oh, is it windy outside. winds are gusting to around 30 miles an hour across the region. close to a 40-mile-per-hour gust at andrews air
Nov 23, 2013 6:00am EST
church in largo. the washington post reports reid's family wants to bury her in ohio but they don't have the money to move her body. they set up a fund for donations at bank of america. police arrested michael coleman in the case. he's charged with her murder. >>> we're learning more about the accident that killed the woman before her 41st wedding anniversary. she just recovered from a six month battle with cancer when she went on a short walk and never came back. >> she's the most giving person ever. >> bill oakley breaks down in tears wishing his best friend sally ann was alive to celebrate their wedding anniversary thanksgiving week. >> 41 years. >> 41. >> monday. >> the 59-year-old mother of two was killed while crossing at montgomery avenue last weekend in woodbridge, virginia. suddenly 24-year-old amanda styles mays crashed into her near this memorial at the intersection. >> one of her favorite things to do was to walk over across that street to the gas station. >>> sally an outlasted a battle with cancer and recently survived a motorcycle crash. they belong to the rolling thunder
Nov 30, 2013 6:00am EST
a 30% sell but don't expect door busters. >> big box stores can go deep discount but maybe their mark up is higher than hours. our mark up is not that high. >> a little bit in the section overhere. >> reporter: her customers get it and support it. >> i always try to help the local places trying to do something dirgelt and trying to have a different vibe than the places that don't need my help. >> it's a marketing technique but it's also nice to be able to go to streets like this and support people other than the huge box stores. >>> american express first created small business saturday just a few years ago. experts say about two -thirds of small businesses will offer a discount. many could include a free item with purchase. >>> the rush to return home after the holiday. the extra resources to help calm the crowds at airports in our region. >>> out of alaska, rescue crews are on the scene of a plane crash. new information about those on board. >>>s through a new venture for toronto's mayor. we're learning about his plans for a new talk show. >> it is small business saturday. we just t
Nov 30, 2013 8:30am EST
season could be make or break. >> small businesses are the first ones to fall out. we don't have the deep pockets. >> we do more than half of our business in the last three months of the year, american express created small business saturday years ago. many include a free item with purchase. >>> right now, the rush to return home after the holidays. the extra resources we're going to see today to help calm the crowds at airports in our region. >>> the plane crash in alaska, the new information about those that were on board. >> plus a new invention for toronto's mayor. now we're learning he has plans for a talk show. >> we just posted new video also of the police chopper that crashed into a crowded pub in scotland. we'll be updating this breaking news >>> metro is making it a little easier for you to get around today because of the long holiday weekend. the transit agency is taking some what of a break from all the track work. all stations are open but today only orange trains run only every 20 minutes because of silver line construction. and metro is also trying to make things easier for
Nov 25, 2013 4:30am EST
block of georgia avenue. there are two adult male victims. we don't know their conditions or what happened and no word yet on suspects. our megan mcgrath is had heading to the scene and will bring us more information and a live report in a short bit. that's the latest. now back to you. >>> today in just a few hours we expect to learn more about what led to a double murder/suicide in maryland. the sheriff's office plans to release its final report today. 42-year-old barbara, ben, and their baby were found shot to death. a 5-year-old girl was able to run to a neighbor's home. she is staying with a family friend until child services decides where to place her. >>> the u.s. postal service is offering a reward up to $100,000 for information in connection with the shooting death of a postal worker. last night dozens of people turned out in cheverly for a candlelight vigil for 26-year-old tyson barnette. he was gunned down saturday night while delivering mail after dark. others have said the after dark deliveries have become an issue. those requests have been ignored. many believe his de
Nov 25, 2013 5:00am EST
. oddsmakers don't even think they'll win tonight. the 49ers are favored by five points. >>> you don't have to brave the beltway. metro will stay open an hour later, i should say, to make sure you get home safely. you'll have to leave from the morgan boulevard station on the blue line. the last train to leave have virginia -- for virginia, i should say, leaves 12:25. to largo just after 1:30. >>> happening today on capitol hill, the long awaited people's tree will complete its more than 5,000-mile journey and be put in place on the west lawn. the tree hases been on the move since november 1 when it was cut from a national park in washington state. the spruce should arrive in washington at around 10:00 this morning. >>> rel, if the arrival isn't enough spirit, you can buy a ticket to take a ride with santa. starting at 9:00 this morning tickets for vre's santa train go on sale. the train ride with the famous toy maker will take place on december 14. if you're interested online, tickets sell for $6 or tickets at the booth are $5. fair warning this morning, though, if you want to take a ride w
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am EST
saying, i don't have an ice scraper, and they're in trouble. this storm, though, did bring about 13 deaths to the southeast. there were four fatalities in oklahoma alone. people single car accidents driving too fast for conditions, rolled off the roads and overturned. a lot of them he not even wearing seat belts. this is packing a big punch and heading up your way. beware. >> ron blome, thank you. >>> 16 after the hour right now. we now know the name of the man found dead in fredericksburg over the weekend. he is rodney darnell benum jr. pose lease say someone shot and killed him on howard avenue in the mayfield area. they're still looking for his killer. he had an extensive police record apparently. he was supposed to stand trial next february on a drug related charge. >>> the 48-year-old man still in the hospital this morning after falling from the upper deck during the ravens/jets game in baltimore. university of maryland's shock trauma center. he reportedly hit his head and remains in the hospital with serious injuries. >>> all three young women held captive in a cleveland home
Nov 22, 2013 4:30am EST
investigators, they are worried. >> maybe not like a random burglary but i don't know. maybe it was. >> the chief says it's still early in the investigation and leads are very important to the case right now. >>> a big day for prince george's county with a major new outlet mall set to open in less than five hours, but getting to the big grand opening could be frustrating. >>> also ahead, the seats are cramped and you no longer get a meal but could peace and quiet be the next thing on the way out when you fly? the push to unlock phone restrictions on flats. >>> and this line of showers is not the only thing that will have an impact on your weekend plans. the changes throughout the day. >>> welcome back at 4:39. while you watch you tv, it could be watching you. lg electronics is investigating a claim some smart tvs bounce back personal information on home viewing habits. the allegations started after a 45-year-old british man said his tv was logging the channels he watched presumably for the company even after he turned off a tracking feature. in a statement lg said customer privacy i
Nov 29, 2013 4:30am EST
slipped out of his hand but league officials don't buy that. multiple sources say he's going to pay a $5,000 fine. and to make matters worse, the nets lost the game. >>> there's also some controversy brewing this morning from the gridiron over a bizarre play during thanksgiving day football right here on nbc. take a look at this. baltimore ravens jacoby jones there returning a kickoff in the third quarter when it appears pittsburgh steelers head coach mike tomlin gets in the way. jones appears to try to avoid tomlin and gets tackled saving what looked to be a possible touchdown return. tomlin said after the game that he was watching the return on the jumbotron and did not realize how close he was to the field. the ravens wind up winning that one 22-20. >> and the nets' jason kidd will pay $50,000. i said $5,000. >> that's a lot to pay. yesterday a good day to stay in and watch football. it was cold out there. >> it wasn't too bad to play some touch football either. >> it wasn't that bad out there but it was certainly breezy yesterday. temperatures were runninging a good ten degrees below
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9